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Carpets: Products

Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are incredibly hard wearing, making them a great all round carpet for any room, especially heavy traffic areas such as hallways, stairs, and landings.


Saxony carpets are very soft on the foot and add warmth to any room, often used as bedroom or living room carpets.


Striped Carpets

Striped carpets are often used on staircases. The different colours on the stripes can be used to match the colours of surrounding furniture to help complete the look of a room.

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Patterned Carpets

Patterened carpets are great for making a statement. We have various patterns and colours that can be used to add personality to a room, and to make it unique.

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Westex Velvet Carpets

Outstanding quality and unlimited colour choice. Made with premium wools, including antimicrobial and stain resistant.

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Loop Pile Carpets

Loop pile carpets are very durable, which makes them ideal for heavy traffic areas that get a lot of footfall such as hallways, stairs, and landings.

Not only are they hard wearing, a loop pile carpet provides a nice visual texture that stands out from other options.

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Flotex is a flocked floor covering that combines the warmth, acoustics and underfoot comfort of a textile with the durability and cleaning properties of a resilient flooring. Its unique construction offers many style & functional benefits and is available in sheet, tile, and plank format.

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Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a great choice if you are on a budget. They are easy to install and they are also less expensive as you don't get much waste as you only buy the amount you need to exactly fit your area.

Not only are carpet tiles very durable, which is why you see them often in commercial settings, they are also very easy to maintain as you can replace individual tiles.​

We currently have 50cm x 50cm Carpet Tiles from £3 per tile.

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Commercial Carpets

We have a large range of flooring suitable for commercial jobs/areas, including:

  • Offices

  • Schools

  • Entrance Areas

  • Hotels

  • Flats/Apartments

  • Care Homes

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Carpet Remnants (End of Rolls)

You can make great savings with carpet remnants as they are heavily discounted and ready to be taken away on the same day. With a large selection of colours and sizes, we're sure we'll have the right one for you.

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